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I’m Julie, UX designer 👩‍💻 at GIRO based in Montreal, QC 🇨🇦

Coming from the product domain, I attempted to work in the world of service for over two and a half years. This enriching experience has solidified my belief that I genuinely enjoy delving deep into product functionalities and being closely connected to the people who use them. Being sociable and extroverted by nature, I thrive in team environments that consist of diverse profiles and personalities. As someone who desires to make a positive impact, I aim to bring and foster greater accessibility, inclusivity, and above all, sustainability.

Nexus Innovations

The people behind your software solutions

Nexus assists small and medium-sized businesses in the ideation, development and adoption of business technologies that enable users to have a positive impact on their organisation’s performance.

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Social Media Management Software

Agorapulse is a product that help you  to stay organized, save time, and easily manage your social media with inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools.

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Engineering and technology consulting platform l Community

Kicklox is the engineering and technology consulting platform. Engineers or tech talents and innovative companies meet and collaborate on Kicklox to carry out their engineering projects.

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Citizen engagement solution

Fluicity is an online platform that allows governments to establish communication channels with the population. It enables citizens to propose ideas to solve the problems they consider relevant, receive feedback from the municipality, and follow up on the actions taken.

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