Client: I was hired to design the user interface for the web & mobile apps of a company named Agorapulse. It is an online platform that allows users to manage their social media easily. It enables users to schedule theirs content, get reports, and engage followers with one simple tool.

Problem: The platform was useful but one of their goal was to step up their game in the UX & UI field, and reach a new level of design and user experience quality. I joined the feature team Report to revamp their design and add new functionalities that users need.

Client: Agorapulse
Role: UX/UI Designer
Timeline: Sept. 2019 – Aug. 2020
Site: agorapulse.com

Tools: Figma, Sketch, Zeplin, Invision, Adobe CC

Colors & Style

Primary orange

Electric blue



Averta Std Regular

Averta Std Regular

Design system

As four designers we had to create a design system to be consistent on the platform. I was the lead on it, in charge of creating the styleguide and managing it.

Thanks to the design system we created, it was easier for all of the designers to find the right components or to create a new one with the styleguide. It allows the different feature teams to be consistent on the workflows and models.

This way, clients wouldn’t find differences across the platform.

Figma file


On Agorapulse, there are 3 big features:

  • Inbox, for any social profile, clients can see how many new messages are waiting to be handled. They can review, reply, remove and manage comments, messages and tweets with this feature.
  • Publishing, for any social profile, clients can create, save and manage all of their posts. They can schedule them when they want and in the timezone they want.
  • Report, for any social profile (except for Youtube), clients can analyse, compare and export reports about their profiles, posts and fans/followers.


I was the lead on the Report feature. I had to discover the feature, analyse the current workflow, the clients’ behaviour, the trends and the concurrence, and collect clients’ feedback to know more about their frustrations/needs.

My first goal was to revamp the design of this feature:

  • To be more accessible
  • To be more positive
  • Easier to understand data
  • With more tooltips and explanation
  • To be more sweet and trendy
  • … And last but not least to be more useful for users!



Custom report

After many calls with the users we collected lots of needs depending on the type of clients (agency, franchise, influencer,…) We decided to allow them to create their own reports to facilitate their analysing work. For that, we analysed the concurrence, collected users’ point of view/needs, created workflows and wireframes, and tested it with users in interviews. We had to iterate again and again until the functionality answer the users’ needs.

With this campaign of user calls much of them asked us to aggregate data in the reports. We interviewed users to identify what they really mean by aggregated. Is it all social profiles report in the same file or all social profiles in the same chart? Depending on the clients, some of them preferred aggregated data by network, the others by social profiles. So we made a workflow in which users can choose the way they want to see their data.

Automatic scheduled report

Lots of clients need to have a report every month or week and be able to send it to the rest of their team on the platform. This feature allows them to schedule an automatic report sending. They don’t have to login to Agorapulse to export their monthly/weekly report anymore. And soon they could send it to external users at Agorapulse. For example, this feature allows agencies to send an automatic monthly/weekly report to their clients. It’s a real gain time.

Finally, I learned many things in this amazing team. Benevolent and transparency are the key words in this company, with colleague but also with users.

I really learned what user centric means, and improved my knowledge in empathy, interview and analysis.

Leaving this company was a big challenge to begin another!