Client: I was hired to design the user interface for the web app for a start up named Kicklox. It is an online platform that facilitate the meeting and collaboration between companies and engineers / tech talents thanks to our digital platform.

Problem: As engineering recrutement platform, there are regulatory constraints and the first version of the platform has technical limitations. The goal was to design from scratch to allow more features. It was difficult for our clients to perform actions on the platform because the process was time-consuming and not user friendly with much more options than what they really needed. My mission was to collect the client’s needs, reorganize workflows and design it.

Client: Kicklox
Role: UX/UI Designer
Timeline: Oct. 2018 – June 2019
Live: kicklox.com

Tools: Sketch, Flinto, Zeplin, Invision, Photoshop


Tender processus creation:

Our Clients – companies – on Kicklox are looking for talent in engineering. The platform allows them to create public tenders but it turns out it’s a very long process and most of them ask our sales team to do it for them. My goal was to create an interactive process to improve the workflow depending on the client’s choices and allow them to do it easier and quickly.



Experts use the feed to find public tenders from the clients and apply to them, and clients use it to find their future talent.

Client’s view
Expert’s view



To help communication between the client and the expert, we set up an intern messaging service.

Lots of clients need to speak with experts but also with their teams. To hire an expert they are several to make decision. For example: CEO, HR and Lead tech. This service allows clients to communicate notes, seen by the client’s team only.

With all these processes, hiring an expert could be done on the platform.



To follow the recruitment process, clients have access to a kanban. It allows them to check in which step they are with their candidates, until the final recruitment.

There are four mandatory columns and clients could add more if they need it in their process. It allows clients to adapt their process on the platform. They all have their own recruitment steps.

Technical and financial proposal – Expert’s view
Contract details – Client’s view


Proposal and funding:

When clients and experts have an agreement, they sign a technical and financial proposal. They can do it on the platform which allows them to follow the progress of the project with milestones.

Next, experts can send part of the project for validation and clients can pay step by step the progress.


Contract management – Client’s view
End of contract review – Client’s view