Agorapulse is a social media management platform stocked full of features for individuals, businesses, and enterprises. Features include a variety of ways to publish content, reporting, analytics, and more.

Role: UX/UI Designer
Timeline: Sep. 2019 – Aug. 2020
Squad: PM, UX/UI designer, EM, FullStack Devs and QA
One of the goals was to elevate their presence in the UX & UI field and achieve a higher standard of design and user experience quality. I joined the Report feature team and took charge of the organization, otpimization and design of web and mobile applications. The objective was to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface for users, thereby enhancing their trust in our data.
Tools: #Figma #Sketch #Zeplin #Invision #AdobeCC

On Agorapulse, there are three major features:

  • Inbox: This feature allows clients to view the number of new messages awaiting attention across their social profiles. They can review, reply to, remove, and manage comments, messages, and tweets using this feature.
  • Publishing: With this feature, clients can create, save, and manage all of their social media posts for any social profile. They have the flexibility to schedule posts at their preferred time and in their desired time zone.
  • Report: Clients can analyze, compare, and export reports related to their social profiles, posts, and fans/followers. This feature is available for all social profiles except for YouTube.

Design System

As a team of four designers, our task was to develop a design system to ensure consistency across the platform. I took the lead on this project, responsible for creating the style guide, overseeing its management and sharing with developers.

Thanks to the design system we established, all designers found it easier to locate the appropriate components or create new ones using the style guide. This enabled different feature teams to maintain consistency in their workflows and design models.

As a result, clients experienced a seamless user experience without encountering any discrepancies throughout the platform.

Report feature

I led the development of the Report feature. My responsibilities included exploring the feature, analyzing the existing workflow, studying client behavior, monitoring industry trends, and gathering client feedback to gain insights into their frustrations and needs.

My primary objective was to redesign this feature with the following goals in mind:

  • Enhance accessibility: Ensure that the feature is easily accessible and usable for all users.
  • Foster a positive experience: Create a design that evokes a positive and pleasant user experience.
  • Improve data comprehension: Make the presentation of data more intuitive and easier to understand.
  • Provide more tooltips and explanations: Include additional contextual information and guidance to assist users.
  • Incorporate modern and trendy design elements: Infuse the design with contemporary aesthetics to keep it visually appealing and up-to-date.

Ultimately, the overarching aim was to make the feature more useful and valuable for users.

Custom report

After conducting numerous calls with users, we gathered a variety of needs based on the type of clients (agency, franchise, influencer, etc.). To facilitate their analysis work, we decided to provide them with the ability to create their own reports. To accomplish this, we conducted a competitive analysis, gathered user feedback and perspectives, created workflows and wireframes, and conducted user interviews to test the functionality. We went through iterative cycles until the functionality aligned with users’ needs.

During these user calls, many users requested data aggregation in the reports. To better understand their requirements, we interviewed users to determine their specific expectations regarding data aggregation. Did they want all social profiles included in a single file or visualized in the same chart? Depending on the clients, some preferred aggregated data by network, while others preferred it by social profiles. As a result, we developed a workflow that allows users to choose their preferred data presentation method based on their individual preferences.

Automatic scheduled report

Many clients have a recurring need to generate monthly or weekly reports and share them with their team within the platform. This feature enables them to schedule automatic report sending, eliminating the need to manually export reports from Agorapulse. Additionally, there are plans to introduce the ability to send reports to external users outside of Agorapulse. For instance, agencies can automate the delivery of monthly or weekly reports to their clients, resulting in significant time savings.

Finally, I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in this incredible team. Kindness and transparency are the core values within this company, not only among colleagues but also in our interactions with users.

I truly grasped the essence of being user-centric and further developed my skills in empathy, conducting interviews, and analysis.

Leaving this company presented me with a significant challenge as I embarked on a new chapter.