Fluicity is an online platform that facilitates communication channels between governments and the public. It allows citizens to propose ideas to address the issues they find relevant, receive feedback from the municipality, and track the progress of implemented actions.

Role: Graphic & UX/UI Designer
Timeline: Sep. 2017 – July 2018
Site: get.flui.city
Squad: PM, UX/UI designer, FullStack Devs
The mobile app was unusable, lacking proper user flow and a good user experience. Users were getting lost and finding it difficult to locate the information they needed or respond to proposals from elected officials.
The primary solution to address this problem was to engage with users by organizing focus groups and collecting feedback in order to improve the user experience. This would allow them to easily share, access, and vote on ideas, as well as actively participate in the decision-making process.
Tools: #Sketch #Flinto #Zeplin #Invision #Illustrator #Photoshop #Indesign

Main tasks

  • Lead the redesign of the design system for Fluicity’s application and website, resulting in a more cohesive and visually appealing design that improved user engagement.
  • Create prototypes and conduct usability and A/B tests to identify and solve key user needs, improve the flows of the application and website, in order to result in a more intuitive and efficient user experience and positively impact the organization business.
  • Develop a range of print and digital support materials, including flyers, business cards, banners and social media posts, which helped increase brand awareness and attract new customers and users.
  • Launch a targeted marketing campaign aimed at cities governments in France and Belgium, which helped increase visibility and adoption of the Fluicity platform in these regions.

As UX / UI Designer

I worked on a mobile app with the goal of empowering citizens to participate in the decision-making processes of their city, community, or state. To facilitate user contributions, we utilized various formats such as creating ideas, participating in surveys, reporting issues, and accessing the latest updates.

Firstly, I gathered the team’s input to understand the needs. Then, I used Sketch to create mid-fidelity wireframes based on the task flow. Due to a lack of available users, we conducted internal testing with the team. While it may not be the best practice, it provided immediate feedback if any issues arose.

Next, I designed the user interface and developed prototypes. In collaboration with my product manager, we conducted A/B testing to determine the optimal solution. Using Flinto, I created animated mockups, which allowed me to test my designs directly on mobile devices. This enabled users to evaluate the app in real conditions and provide live feedback. These sessions proved valuable in enhancing both the user interface and user experience.

As graphic designer

In collaboration with the sales team, I developed communication campaigns for product launches in various cities in France and Belgium. This involved creating posters, flyers, digital campaigns on social networks, email marketing, and developing slogans.

To streamline the collaboration process, we decided to create a sample flyer template. Clients were able to choose the layout they preferred, and we would then customize it with their logo, information, and colors.